Black Plastic Records


Not my picture! I found it through a Google Image search.

Black Plastic might be my favorite record store.

About two years ago, even before I had a chance to visit, I was in Columbus for an anime convention. My friends Dan and Holly (the same Holly from Plaid Room) decided to finally check it out, and I got a message about them having a first pressing of Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. Now, that album was my absolute favorite album in the world at the time (I even have a Jawbreaker tattoo on my arm); I immediately called the store and had them put it on hold, and I promptly called my mom to pick it up. So, it was decided well before I even had the chance to go to Black Plastic that it would be my favorite record store.

STOCK: 5/5


Also found this picture through a Google Image search!

If my story about Black Plastic isn’t evidence enough, their stock is incredible.

Black Plastic doesn’t carry CDs, so their stock is predominantly vinyl-based. Though, they small selection of cassettes and a rack of shirts, which are super fun to look through. One that sticks in my mind was this great yellow (I think?) shirt that just said “vegetarian” with a bunch of animals on it. I almost bought it, but I spent the money on more records instead.


Also from Google Images!

They have an insane collection of 7″s that you can spend hours flipping through. Somehow they’ve managed to obtain copies of random Pavement and Superchunk 7″s that I had only dreamed of actually seeing before finding them there.

Actually, their hip hop section is really one of the only things I found to be lacking; the selection was still good, but it didn’t seem very expansive. Though it’s not necessarily a bad thing, because as far as indie/punk/etc. goes, Black Plastic by far has you covered. I found plenty of releases from No Idea Records, a label I had only seen records from in-store when I was visiting Florida a few years back.

STAFF: 5/5

You’ll probably recognize the staff at Black Plastic from outside of the shop. They’re all super involved in Cincinnati’s music scene. The owner (whose name is escaping me) runs sound around the city, Bridgette (who recently moved to New York) fronts the band Tweens, and Andrew plays in the local riot-grrrl-meets-shoegaze band SMUT.

Everyone at Black Plastic is super nice and great to talk to. They’re all the best! Plus the music they play and their suggestions are always spot on. I can’t wait to go to the new location and meet the staff there as well!

AREA: 5/5


Also a Google Images search result!

What better place to be located than right down the street from another record store? No, seriously. It might seem like a poor decision to open up a record store blocks from Shake It, but it’s perfect. People who are in Northside for Shake It will undoubtedly check out Black Plastic and vice versa. I know that if I buy one record, I end up buying like at least 3, so I’ll always hit up both stores.

Just like Shake It, there are so many cool places around Black Plastic. I mean, it’s the same area! So, of course it gets a 5/5.



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